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Sample Of The Week: Mobb Deep

Mobb-Deep-Shook-Ones-Front Ask anyone what Mobb Deep song they know and their answer will almost always be Shook Ones Part II. The penultimate track on their magnum opus, The Infamous. The track follows on from their promotional...

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Top Kanye Productions of All Time

tumblr_lj71lrF3cL1qzu8kvo1_r1_1280 Many of us know and recognise Kanye West as one of the best hip hop artists in the modern era. We also recognise him as an integral part of world's culture, and remember him through incidents (good...

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DJ M-Rock : The Best of Jay-Z mix

FRONT_002-1024x1024 DJ M-Rock, the Toronto born DJ, caught our attention earlier this year with his superb The Best of Kanye West mix, which wonderfully stitched pretty much Kanye's entire back catalogue (as well as some...

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