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Pac Div Ft. Blu & Kendrick Lamar – Cross Trainers

gbm-cover The California trio 'Pac Div', team up with fellow West Coast artists Blu and Kendrick Lamar, making their new joint 'Cross Trainers' a West Coast affair. Exhibiting a very distinctive old school...

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Lucille Ghatti – Amori Infiniti [Mixtape]

AmoriInfinit final 1 In this day and age, Hip Hop and Neo Soul junkies are left feeling cold turkey finding sources to feed their particular music addiction. However, when the rare merging of both genres does actually...

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Terrywood Opens at OHWOW

terry-richardson-terrywood-1 If I could describe Terry Richardson in 3 words...well then he wouldn't be Terry Richardson, would he? If you're not good with names, you may know him as the guy with the red plaid button-up, big glasses...

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