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Artist Spotlight: Raycord

Raycord's record 'Ruban-Ruban' As there's not much Hip Hop music which has taken my interest in the last few months, it's been good to widen the gaze and search for any new music/artists/genres which deserve a bit of attention....

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Kanye West – Lost In The World (Unreleased Video)

kanye-west-bon-iver-lost-in-the-world-video For the amount of amazing songs that were on Kanye's grammy award winning 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy', it's a wonder that more songs weren't released as singles. To the left is the unreleased...

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Introducing Robert Akins III & Locksmith Music

Photoshoot3 Unless you have been living in a snow globe, it's virtually impossible not to know who 88-Keys is after the release of Watch The Throne. Credited as the genius behind 'No Church In The Wild', 88-Keys...

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