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Featured September Editorial: #Instaglam

tumblr_m8a5e5jPbI1qinp4fo1_500 Based on the Roman Calendar, the "New Year" starts on January 1st. The Chinese New Year varies between fiscal years, and the list goes on. In fashion, however, regardless of the country, the year begins...

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Lookbook to Look Out For: Zara March 2012

Zara Lookbook March 2012 Believe it or not, a few years ago I was barely a Zara fan. I found the styles boring and the fits unimpressive. One one hand, I'm sure my style has done some major evolving in the past few years, but...

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Fashion Week Roundup: Top 10 Fall 2012 Shows

dries collage For the past month, we've all been drooling over, staring wide eyed at and sometimes even shielding our eyes from the chaos that has been fashion week, fall 2012. Though street style from bloggers, socialites...

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