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Rita Ora – Say My Name (Cover)

RitaOraPaperIsabelMarantJacket-540x337-e1333296760309 As lovers of classic R&B, it's really quite refreshing when someone pays homage to the 90's and 00's when we feel R&B was at its finest. On the left you'll see a video of Rita Ora performing a rendition... jadealeph blowjob

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Jai Paul – Jasmine

30sbm British songwriter and record producer Jai Paul finally drops another record after 'BTSTU', which took the world by storm, spawning covers by Drake and Beyonce. 'Jasmine' does another excellent job of... http://ferrari70nyc.com/natasha-nice-blowjob

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Terrywood Opens at OHWOW

terry-richardson-terrywood-1 If I could describe Terry Richardson in 3 words...well then he wouldn't be Terry Richardson, would he? If you're not good with names, you may know him as the guy with the red plaid button-up, big glasses... watch

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Jay-Z ft. B.I.C.

Jay-Z-Black-Enterprise-800-589 Jay-Z doesn't hesitate to celebrate the birth of his baby daughter, releasing this Neptunes produced track almost immediately after. Featuring Blue Ivy Carter's vocals, and Pharrell on the chorus,... http://giltakademi.com/nina-blowjob

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DJ M-Rock : The Best of Jay-Z mix

FRONT_002-1024x1024 DJ M-Rock, the Toronto born DJ, caught our attention earlier this year with his superb The Best of Kanye West mix, which wonderfully stitched pretty much Kanye's entire back catalogue (as well as some... go here

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