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Acronym 2012 Fall/Winter

acronym-fw1213-800x597 When I first started taking an interest in what fashion houses and labels had to offer, I was continiously disappointed. No label seemed to ever offer exactly what I was looking for in terms of colour,... source site

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Model Spotlight: Anja Konstantinova

tumblr_lkf85k1Sd61qfvb8po1_500 Over the years, the fashion industry has seen several trends in terms of the model "types" to represent luxury brands. We've seen the bold, leggy models of the 80s and 90s (Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell,... source url

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Dior Homme Fall/Winter ’12 Campaign by Karl Lagerfeld

1 The new advertising campaign for Dior Homme has just came through, which sees photography by Karl Lagerfeld and styling done by Jakob K. As always, the campaign is look suave and innovative, a real necessity... go to site

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Your Summer Playlist of 2012

306357_448529161845932_1564469251_n London has been in a severe drought of sunshine for the past couple of months (and the government are trying to tell us we're in a water drought), facing flash showers of rain, floods up north and a general...

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Nas – The Don (Video)

6973661308_fc0d147f73_z We just posted about Daughters. We're nine days removed from celebrating the birthday of Illmatic. A few more from finding out Another Black Girls Lost will not be on the album. But it seems Nas will...

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Action Bronson & Party Supplies -Blue Chips (Review)

Action-Bronson-Blue-Chips-608x608 The gourmet rapping, 'Ghostface' sounding, Zangief look-a-like, and Albanian rapper Action Bronson is back again with another release begging the question; Does Bronson ever run of out of lyrics ?...

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