Kanye West debuts ‘Cruel Summer’

Mr West debut film, Cruel Summer, last night at Cannes Film Festival. While Kanye says its a work in progress, it is amazingly stylish, has a bass thundering soundtrack, and helped on by Vanessa Beecroft production design.

The storyline goes like this; Cruel Summer sets the story of a Lamborghini car thief (played by Kid Cudi) who falls for a beautiful, blind Arab girl. Kid Cudi is given the blessing of the father to marry her, but only if he can recover her sight.

Kanye was involved with the fashion (as expected) and features pieces by local Arab designers. The film was shot in 4 days and features 20 camels, 100 extras and around 20 Lamborghinis.

More interestingly, the film was featured at Cannes in a pyramid, which itself contained 7 screens. These 7 screens simultaneously showcased the film, sometimes extending to widescreen, or showing multiplay angles of the same screen. Surely this is something the movie industry might look into if its successful with the public. Kanye explained this as a reflection of real life, where our minds are always on many things at once….

“It related to a post-Steve Jobs, post-Windows era, where we’re always on our BlackBerry in a ball game or at the movies,” West said. “I was very particular about having the screens separate, where your mind puts the screens back together, the way you put memories together. I’m not the best director in the world, but I had an idea that I thought would be amazing to inspire people, like a dream of one day this being the way people watch movies. You know, [Quentin] Tarantino doing a movie like this or a horror movie like this, animation, 3-D … in this form that surrounds you. People want to go back and see it more and more because they missed something to their left or to their right, and it feels more like the experience of life.”

“We were literally shooting in Qatar less than a month ago,” West said. “It was the most impossible feat, all odds were against us having this moment, showing this at Cannes. The reason why I went so hard is that this is my goal. What I want to do post-Grammys is I want to change entertainment experiences. Like if [late fashion designer Alexander] McQueen or [director] Tarsem [Singh] was to meet the entertainment value of Cirque du Soleil or Walt Disney. We’re going to bring it to New York to Qatar and re-edit it … so you guys are seeing the rough draft of this concept.”

Amanda Palmer of Doha Film Inst mentioned that Cruel Summer will premiere November 19 as part of festival in Doha. Check out some of the pics below

Thanks to Complex for the images

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