Action Bronson & Party Supplies -Blue Chips (Review)

The gourmet rapping, ‘Ghostface’ sounding, Zangief look-a-like, and Albanian rapper Action Bronson is back again with another release begging the question; Does Bronson ever run of out of lyrics ?

Greeted with a slow string based sample, Bronson practices his rhymes before fully descending into a zone reserved for the hip hop greats, which includes vivid imagery laced with masterful artisty. Roc Marciano takes over, providing a change of pace in comparison to Bronson. Not before long, Bronson is back to name dropping famous icons in song titles. ‘Steve Wynn‘, which samples Aaron Neville‘s ‘Hercules‘ includes the line of “receiving fellatio from 3 twins”, summing up what you can expect from AB himself, a no holds barred, lyrical marathon, painting pictures with a unique rhyme style. What sets Bronson apart from the usual rapper is the content of his back story, which frequently references his past as a chef, or referencing childhood influences (Ron Simmons includes a homage to pro wrestlers from the 80s and 90s). Intercontinental Champion is an interesting of combination of the unsurprising inclusion of boastful rap multiplied with specific details of cooking a meal.

Action continues the strong rhyming flow in the well produced track Party Supplies, but he really takes it to another level with Double Breasted. The lead single of the mixtape, Hookers At The Point hilariously portrays a ‘three sides to a story’ perspective from a prostitute, a pimp, and a client. Whilst underlying certain harsh realities, Bronson approaches the subject matter from a comical standpoint, showing again what exactly makes Action so appealing.

Perhaps the highlight of the mixtape is Thug Love Story 2012. Bronson illustrates the story of a certain female, detailing her cadences with such vivid imagery it’s almost as if you know her for real. When the beat switches up, that’s when Bronson takes it to another level, delivering an unbelievable narrative pulling you deeper into the story and forcing you to invest your emotions, an ability which is genuinely lacking in this genre.

The mixtape packs enough punches to make the most hardened music listener soften up to the charm of Action Bronson. His versatility and rhyming style is a throwback to the artists of the 90′s. Blue Chips really is a brilliant mixtape and successfully serves up another reminder that Bronson is in it for the long term.

4 star album

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