Featured Designer: Charles Anastase

If you’ve heard of Charles Anastase, you probably know him as the creator of the original Dungeon Boot, from his autumn/winter 2009 collection. The much coveted platform boot made a lasting impression in the fashion industry, influencing the design for Jeffrey Campbell’s ever popular Lita boot and more recently, UNIF’s Hellraiser boot. His name also raised quite a stir after Jessica Simpson came out with the “Dany” boot, a similar design to a platform sandal from the same collection. Despite the controversy, Anastase manages to remain under the radar, and continued to bring us genius in art and design.

Though Charles Anastase has left us on the edge of our seats since his Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collection, he is not only a designer, but a multifaceted artist, who also leaves us with plenty of his endeavors to drool over. In 2002, for example, he proved that his sketching talents stemmed beyond the average fashion sketches (blueprints, really) with the release of his eponymous book of drawings. In 2009 he built upon that talent with a t-shirt collaboration with Matches London and the design for the 20th anniversary edition of Longchamp’s Andam bag.

In February 2010, he was one of the chosen few (along with Ann Demeulemeester, Haider Ackerman, Chloe and McQueen, to name a few – ya know, no big deal or anything) to design an Alice in Wonderland-inspired window display for Printemps, Paris. He drew his inspiration from John Tenniel’s “asymmetrical, theatrical” Alice in Wonderland, which you can find here.

Unfortunately, we’ve been left devoid of his work since his Fall/Winter, 2011 show in Paris. Hopefully he’s got something up his sleeve – which is probably velvet with gold lace detailing – ’til then, check him out below:

Ad for fall 2009

His artwork on porcelain figurines

Ad for/his window display in Dover Street Market, London 2007

Printemps display

Fall 2011

images via Charles Anastase
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