Artist Spotlight: Raycord

Raycord's record 'Ruban-Ruban'

As there’s not much Hip Hop music which has taken my interest in the last few months, it’s been good to widen the gaze and search for any new music/artists/genres which deserve a bit of attention.

Whilst in the midst of a tumblr-scrolling evening, I came across an captivating instrumental used in promo video for a clothing line. A few ‘shazams’ in and the name ‘Raycord’ came up.

According to his bandcamp page “Raycord is a Canadian composer who lives and works in the countryside..“, and the mystery is added when we cannot find a wikipedia page dedicated to him. His album, Ruban-Ruban (which was released on the 16th September 2012) is the only music of his that is available on Amazon, but this brings no disappointment. The album cover (shown left) is actually a perfect visualization of the music it contains. A sort of ‘detailed emptiness’, very much in tune with the theme of autumn/winter. From the first listen it’s nothing short of hypnotising, with it’s natural melodies and sounds keen to massage your ears. There’s no particular sound that you can pin and group into a genre directly, but every song has a feeling and an identity, and it takes no time at all to get attached to the details and the imperfections of each track.

Perfect to soundtrack your upcoming winter months, you can stream Ruban-Ruban in it’s entirety below as well as watching the official music video for Wurlitzer

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