Howard Stern interviews Quentin Tarantino

As always with people I consider geniuses in the creative world, it’s a pleasure to read/hear in depth interviews with the aforementioned creators. Quentin Tarantino drops in to talk to Howard Stern to promote ‘Django Unchained’.

A couple of interesting bits of information which comes out of the interview:

  • Tarantino dropped out of school in the 9th grade, and has worked ever since.
  • Tarantino worked as an usher in a Porn Theatre, and went on to work in a video store – where he got more serious about watching/writing films.
  • He tried to raise the money independently for ‘True Romance’ and ‘Natural Born Killers’
  • There’s a scene in Django where the beating of a slave looked so realistic and horrific that crew members were traumatised.
  • Jamie Foxx called Quentin the ‘Mozart’ of movie-making after witnessing Tarantino rewrite the whole ending on the set after being unhappy with the original.

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