Throwback Thursday: Rihanna – Photographs

Rihanna during her ‘dark and emo’ phase brought us some very good music, even though everyone was questioning her sanity and, well, religious beliefs. The album ‘Rated R’ (which was released in 2009, yes almost 4 years ago) was full of chart smashes and classics, such as Russian Roulette, Te Amo and Rude Boy, however one song in particular stood out the most from all the others. Surprised this didn’t get a radio release, Rihanna – Photographs is genius. Both sonically and lyrically.

Rihanna – Photographs puts you in the middle of a snow white winter evening with a big warm jacket and a Cafe Nero Vanilla Latte in your hand, as you stroll around a huge park treading on a blanket of snow covering the concrete. Not entirely gloomy, yet enough to keep a reasonable smile on your face. The ambience Will.I.Am (being the producer) creates is exceptionally vivid. The guitar creates a very ‘folk’ feeling to the song, almost reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel’s Scarborough Fair.

Vocally, Rihanna sounds identical to Fergie, which is somewhat weird but that’s probably due to Will.I.Am’s production and mastering. Lyrically, RiRi tells a story of falling in love with a guy who broke her heart and now is left with memories from photographs. Listen to the song below and marvel over the production.

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