Sample Of The Week: Illuminati AMS – If You Let Me

If you were raised in London, your musical DNA will be embedded with ‘grime beats’ which include bass ridden 808′s and randomly placed claps & snares (example: Rebound X – Rhythm ‘N’ Gash and Lethal Bizzle – Forward Riddim 2).

You would have most likely received sounds such as these via Bluetooth (or Infra-Red, depending on your phone) during school lessons or even over MSN. Once received, lunchtimes would spent attempting to ‘spit bars’ over these instrumentals. The purpose of ‘grime beats’? To get everyone ‘gassed’ shouting ‘BRAP’ going crazy. And that is exactly how I felt when I first heard Illuminati AMS – If You Let Me which left me having 140BMP sweet dreams.

Although Illuminati AMS – If You Let Me is not a grime tune, the DNA is there; 140 BMP, 808′s, claps & snares, making this into a certified club banger (I can guarantee this as I dropped a ‘Niggas In Paris’ x Illuminati AMS mix in the club last week, resulting in the club doing WILD.)
The song samples Art of Noise – Moments In Love which, when released in 1985, was one of the very first popular electronic songs to have been released. The repetitive sample is highly contagious as well as hypnotic. You can peep both the original sample and the Illuminati AMS rework below. Make sure you have your subwoofer turned up…

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