If there’s one artist who deserves a ‘Greatest Hits’, it’s Danny Swain. In celebration of his deal with Okayplayer Records and in anticipation of his upcoming album ‘Payback’, Okayplayer have begun their promo by dropping ‘The Best of Danny!’. It’s hard to actually narrow down Danny’s best tracks, such is his discography, but some of my favourites are definitely in there such as ‘Theme Music to a Killing Spree’ and ‘Tattered Fedora Flow‘ as well as ‘Cafe Surreal‘. Kick back and check out the mix below, you will want to hear all of it…

Danny!’s Payback available September 25th on iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere else.
1. Where Is Danny?
2. At What Price (feat. Maria)
3. Mama I Want To F**king Sing
4. I Don’t Wanna Hear That Sh*t
5. Tattered Fedora Flow
6. The Groove [Remix]
7. Can’t Wait
8. Misunderstood (feat. Lil B)
9. Theme Music To A Killing Spree (feat. Danny Brown)
10. Where You Goin’ (feat. Maria)
11. Cafe Surreal
12. Sh*t Starters (feat. DJ Kay Slay)
13. Get Down
14. Do You
15. Fly
16. Fly, Pt. 2
17. Little Black Boy (feat. Res)

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