Artist Spotlight: Travi$ Scott

In a desperate attempt to avoid introducing new artists with the typical cliches such as ‘The next Kanye West’ or weak comparisons such as ‘Similar to Wale’ etc, we’re going to keep this simple, listen to Travi$ Scott.

Houston born, 20 years old, and has already achieved a huge amount of experience in the industry already, Travis Scott started rapping in his freshman year, which eventually evolved into producing and mastering his own records. Keeping the introduction brief, Travis has worked with T.I. and Kanye West, particularly on the production for ‘Mercy’, and is rumored to be signing to GOOD Music anytime soon. However, the real interest and substance lies in his music (as it should with every musician). Without swaying your opinion, we’re just going to say listen to the songs below, and remember the name…. Travi$ Scott is on the edge of blowing up.

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