Throwback Thursday: Clipse & Pharrell

webwarez it xxx It’s crazy to think that the Pharrell x Clipse era was over 10 years ago (2000-2004), but fortunately for us, enough time has passed for us to feature this as our Throwback Thursday.

source url Cot Damn” is a 2003 single by follow link Clipse produced by source site The Neptunes, featuring Ab-Liva, Rosco P. Coldchain & of course, Pharrell. Product of the relationship between Pusha T/Malice and Pharrell, ‘Cot Damn’ is one of the many classics that they cooked up together on ‘Lord Willin’, their first album which was released on Pharrell’s label ‘Star Trak’, wonderfully capturing the Neptunes sound of the early 2000s.

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