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Howard Stern interviews Quentin Tarantino

django-unchained-quentin-tarantino As always with people I consider geniuses in the creative world, it's a pleasure to read/hear in depth interviews with the aforementioned creators. Quentin Tarantino drops in to talk to Howard Stern to...

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G.O.O.D Music cover Complex Magazine

goodmusic_lead Hip Hop has always been about collectives. Even solo artists identify themselves with some sort of clan. If you're looking for the definition of a modern 21st's century hip hop group, it has to be...

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Nardwuar x DJ Premier (Video)

ifwt-Nardwuar-vs.-DJ-Premier Nardwuar is making his way through the legends, and doesn't seem like stopping anytime soon. The legendary interviewer makes an audience with legendary producer, DJ Premier, discussing James Brown, Jaz-O...

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Marc Jacobs Talks about Smoking, Horrible Design, and Art

interview-magazine-marc-jacobs-0 Marc Jacobs recently sat down with German based 'Interview Magazine', keeping the subject matter to a mix of drugs, art, and ... Victoria Beckham. Jacobs touches upon his time in drug rehab, his love for...

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Vision In Fusion – VIVA VI

featuredimage 'StreetLux'. Let that word marinate in your mind for a second. Substance is a rare gem to find in todays superficial world. However, when found, it shines out like a diamond surrounded by dirt. Meet...
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Nardwuar X Danny Brown

Danny-Brown-Nardwuar Another installment of the Nardwuar series, who really cleaned up at South by South West, this time interviewing Danny Brown. With one of the best upcoming rappers at the minute, this is sure to be a very...
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Nardwuar x Action Bronson

actionbronson-Nardwuar-550x301 SXSW would have been an interviewer's haven for anyone. Nardwuar must have cleaned up and we only wonder how many more interviews he has ready from the festival. For now though, here is his latest interview...

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Rapsody: Culture Over Everything

Untitled-1 Culture Over Everything. Not really a philosophy that drives this new wave of 'female pop mc's, with the term 'MC' used extremely loosely. Ever since the disappearing act of Ms Hill, we have had a...

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We interview The World Famous Tony Williams

01_frontfront From College Dropout to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Tony Williams can proudly say he has been instrumental in all of Kanye's albums and the progression of his career. His voice is the vehicle...

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An Introduction to… Charmingly Ghetto

featured It's 8.30am. Within the morning hustle and bustle through the crowded pathways of London Bridge station, I find myself stopping to listen to an artist exert his will over a smooth jazz infused instrumental...

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Danny! – Payback (Album Review & Interview)

featuredimage When you are a few years strong in the game, you
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Introducing Robert Akins III & Locksmith Music

Photoshoot3 Unless you have been living in a snow globe, it's virtually impossible not to know who 88-Keys is after the release of Watch The Throne. Credited as the genius behind 'No Church In The Wild', 88-Keys...

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