Adil Al-Hinai

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My Little Pony Meets Wu-Tang Clan

mylittlepony-590x334 Shame on a pony who tried to run game on a pony. Fans of Wu-Tang or even Hip Hop will know those interpolated lyrics are those of the late Ol' Dirty Bastard. The song which appears on Wu-Tang Clans legendary...

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Dead Prez – Hell Yeah

image_107_1 When people think of Dead Prez they usually think of them as a one hit wonder group responsible for the song Hip Hop, however they've released some very good LPs but there is no denying Hip Hop is...

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MF DOOM – Raid

Madvillainy 2004 saw the continution of MF DOOMs dominance over Hip Hop with the legendary classic "Madvillainy". The album album currently holds the 3rd highest rated album average in the Rap section of Metacritic....

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Blast From The Past: TLC – Creep

223182_0158-nc I honestly can't think of a girl band in existence at the moment as good as TLC. As a matter of fact I can't even think of a girl band full stop.The Pussy Cat Dolls don't count as they are strippers with...

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Reks – Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme

reks (1) During my usual late night rummage through the internet, I stumbled upon a recommendation, which suggested listening to REKS. Within the first listen of the first youtube search, I was so amazed by...

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Wildelux & Mac All My Life

Wildelux & Mac _ The Masterplan (2011)HHB Does anyone remember that band Gym Class Heroes? I was a pretty huge fan of them until the released
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