Adil Al-Hinai

Pete Rock And C.L Smooth – For Pete’s Sake

R-251502-1323086680 The Mount Vernon duo Pete Rock and C.L smooth released their critically acclaimed album album Mecca And The Soul Brother in 1992, whilst the albums most notable song is They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)...

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Sample Of The Week: Mobb Deep

Mobb-Deep-Shook-Ones-Front Ask anyone what Mobb Deep song they know and their answer will almost always be Shook Ones Part II. The penultimate track on their magnum opus, The Infamous. The track follows on from their promotional...

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Nas – Affirmative Action

ZNasItWasWritten There are a lot of lessons to be learned from It Was Written. The follow up to Nas' Illmatic at first left a lot to be desired. Complaints were made thatNas went mainstream, and the original fanbase were...

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An Introduction to… Charmingly Ghetto

featured It's 8.30am. Within the morning hustle and bustle through the crowded pathways of London Bridge station, I find myself stopping to listen to an artist exert his will over a smooth jazz infused instrumental...

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Sample Of The Week: Brother Ali – Daylight

brother-ali-14 In a world so infatuated with looks, appearances and general aesthetics, Brother Ali is a rapper who does away with all stereotypes, attempting to make it in the world by breaking down prejudices....

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Top 15 Underground Albums Of 2011

underground The dust has finally settled and the smoke has cleared. We gave you our top 15 overall albums of the year last week, but it is now time to look in more detail (hip hop in particular) and delve into the...

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Dr. Octagon – 3000

DrOctagon Kool Keith, a psychiatrist's worst nightmare, possess perhaps more aliases than the Masked Villain MF DOOM himself. Perhaps most famous for his work as Dr.Octagon with the carnally album title Dr. Octagonecologyst,...

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Ed Harrison – Annul

NEOTOKYO - Digipack Front You can find diamonds almost anywhere. The sad thing is the brightest ones are almost hidden in deepest and darkest caves, it takes less effort to visit a store and buy one. The same principle can be applied...

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Danny Brown – Monopoly (Official Video)

danny-brown Buzzing from the reception of XXX, Danny Brown is back with another video from the well received album. The Blunt After Blunt smoking, Detroit MC releases the visuals to Monopoly, which is perhaps, lyrically....

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The Roots – Undun Album Review

the-roots-6 In an industry full of one hit wonders and careers shorter than Kim Kardashian's marriage, it is an amazing achievement to that say you are 25 years strong in the game. The original Hip Hop band, The...

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Deltron 3030 – Mastermind

deltron Deltron 3030, active since 1999, released their only album (also called Deltron 3030) to critical acclaim. The hip hop supergroup, which consists of Dan the Automator, Del The Funky Homosapien (The Gorillaz)...

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Danny Brown – XXX

XXX-600dpi Detroit is doing pretty well for itself recently. Eminem needs no explanation, Slaughterhouse has built itself a cult following, Big Sean is on the rise with Kanye West's GOOD Music, and Elzhi has...

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Stop What Ya Doing – Apathy x Celph Titled

1314124505_apathy-honkey-kong-itunes-2011 There seems to be a simple formula for success in the underground nowadays, almost mathematical in its conception and delivery. Become a rapper, and a damn good one. Enlist DJ Premier as your producer....

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Red Bull Interviews DOOM

mf_doom-mf_dope The Masked Villain with more personas than firefox dropped by to talk to Red Bull music in Madrid. Ego Trip founder Jeff Mao provided the questions, with DOOM answering in great depth. The interview is...

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Nas – Nasty

nas For an artist 11 albums deep in the industry, it is impressive that Nas has been able to maintain the flair, creativity and affection he's had from his first single. I suppose that is easy when you have...

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Jay-Z: Dead Presidents

DEAD FRONT 001 Whatever name you decide to call him by; DJ Ski, Ski Beatz, Ski or if you're his mother David Willis, you will be referring to a man who produced 4 songs on the classic "Reasonable Doubt", including the...

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