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Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye-West-My-Beautiful-Dark-Twisted-Fantasy-Art-2-500x500-thumb-580x580-246873 A year in the making, Kanye finally delivers his most anticipated album since being banished (literally) from America. A project which undoubtedly builds upon the previous four albums, taking the soul...

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Kid Cudi – Mr Rager (Official Video)

Kidcudimanonthemoonthelegendof Kid Cudi returns to the spotlight with the visuals for his track 'Mr Rager', from the Man On the Moon Part II. Its good to see him in a better place after the duration of his drug addiction which bought...

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Brandy – Talk About Our Love

Talkaboutourlove_brandy I recently stumbled across the video for Brandy's hit single 'Talk About Our Love' which featured and was produced by Kanye West, and remembered somewhere that this had sampled a Mandrill song, but...

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Ni**as in Paris Artwork Released

jay-z-kanye-west-niggas-in-paris Kanye and Jay release the artwork for their next single from Watch The Throne. The artwork, similar to the Otis cover, was designed by the album 'art director' Riccardo Tisci. Listen to the track...

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Big Sean – Marvin & Chardonnay (Official Video)

marvin-chardonnay-cover The video for Big Sean's self proclaimed 'f***ing anthem' just dropped via VEVO.... The song is produced by No I.D and debuted at 88 and later peaked at number 46 on the const overlayTranslations...

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